Submission Guidelines

Yahara Prairie Lights is a new blog being developed by the publishers of LAKE CITY LIGHTS.  The goal is to provide a vehicle for writers to experiment with new modes of literary expression. We want to try fresh approaches to poetry and flash fiction.

Because of the new format, there will be opportunities for readers to respond to the work.  These responses should be constructive and insightful.  The editors will manage the content of these comments.

With this new format, we will no longer wait until we have enough material to publish an entire issue.  We will post new works whenever we find something that fits our liking.  We will generally only publish one poem or story at a time.  Don’t feel bad if your work is rejected.  That’s part of being a writer.  We’re doing this to experiment and have fun.  As always, the site is free for readers.  Consequently, no payment will be made to contributors.  Writers retain all rights to their work.  You will be able to select to become a follower of YAHARA PRAIRIE LIGHTS and get all the updates, or you can choose to look at YPL just when you’re in the mood.

Our staff will include Jerry McGinley as managing editor and publisher, Roy Dorman as submissions editor, and Ashlie Allen as creative consultant.  This project will be informal, and we welcome comments and suggestions.

Submissions should be sent in the text of the email (not as attachments).  Contact Jerry ( or Roy (  SUBMISSION LINES ARE NOW OPEN.